BondServanT - CHAPTER I -  Twice Adopted (ROUGH DRAFT)


I was adopted at Birth as an only child because my adopted mother couldn't have children. I was born on December 22nd and my mom always told me that I was special that she picked me out of all these kids and as I was little I always pictured a room full of all these little kids all these little babies and my momma picks me and she always was honest with me and told me that I was that I was adopted and then I was special and then she loved me and so I never had a desire to know anything about my original mom my birth mother my mom didn't know why she gave me up but she made me feel special and wanted.

She also told me that when I was little that I was the best Christmas present she ever had gotten because she brought me home on Christmas Day. And Christmas day was always my favorite time of the year because when we were growing up I was poor we were poor but my mom made me feel rich and love she loves me more than any woman ever loved me and I treated her worse than any woman I've ever treated.

I remember very early on when my mom told me that I was going to have a little brother and I remember her belly being so big she would let me feel the baby and I was excited because I wanted a little brother. She'd gotten pregnant from adopted dad and it almost killed her. Mike Bruce (Michael) was born on April 6th. I remember when they brought him home and I loved him at first but then I became jealous because he was getting all the attention and I wasn't and I was just a selfish little kid I didn't know any better but my love for him to quickly turned to anger, bitterness and jealous. I remember a few things that while we lived in Arizona but the thing that I remember the most is that my mom and my little brother and myself went to live and a little small building and I asked my mom about this but she can't remember but we lived on this property and I remember it was like a servant's house or something but it had it was like one big room as if the living room would turn into the bedroom at night and we had a little bitty table then we would eat at and you can see the little kitchenette I know we didn't live there long but I do remember Halloween I think it's my first memory of Halloween I got a Bugs Bunny mask and Mike got a Casper mask and I remember putting it on and you can barely breathe out of it but I was excited and I played with it and played with it and me and my little brother we would play and I remember happy times during that we got along I don't remember any fighting. I must have been close to 6 or 7 cuz my little brother was about 3 and the next thing I remember is us getting on an airplane and I remember asking where is Dad where is Dad and I don't remember my mom's answer but she comforted me in and I knew that everything was going to be okay and I was excited because it was my first time to fly on an airplane then I remember the stewardess being so sweet and giving me my little wings so I pin my wings on my shoulder on my chest. I remember when we land in Houston I've never been to Houston didn't know anything about what was Houston I remember seeing it from the sky it was a huge giant City and I was in a amazed by the tall buildings.

I remember when we landed and I met my grandmother and my grandpa for the first time/ My grandmother wanted me to call her Nanny so that was my Nanny and they loved me and treated me as their own even though I was adopted and I didn't look like them everybody as they were very pale and I was dark skinned black hair brown eyes. But then I never remember thinking twice about any of that stuff because I always felt loved and accepted. I will never forget when we got on the the subway at the airport and the door closed and I remember as the train took off my mom was left stranded outside and she was running after the train trying to like she was going to catch up to get in and I remember just laughing and laughing is laughing hysterically thought that was the funniest thing I've ever seen. When the train stopped we waited seem like a while and then my mom showed up on the next train and I was still laughing he could see that my mom was a little shaken and upset but I think what she saw me laughing she just laughed too we all just hugged. I remember when we left the airport we stopped at Big Boys Hamburger place and it was a big giant boy with black hair like me and he held a hamburger high up on his hand and it was the best hamburger I've ever eaten as a matter fact I don't really remember eating a hamburger before then. I remember a hot dog when I was at a park and my dog Laddie who look like Lassie because that was one of my favorite shows that I would watch when I was little along with puff and stuff , HR puff and stuff and Seaman the sea monster and I remember the talking flute my mom would let me watch my shows in the morning because we only had one TV until her favorite soap operas would come on and then I go outside and play and I remember we lived on a the street and at the end of that street there was a big hill and I remember one time I must have been four or five I took my wagon up that hill and the little girl that was a lived across the street we would play together she went with me and we walked at the wagon up that hill because I wanted to ride that wagon down the hill she wanted to come with me and I remember her begging me that she wanted to go first but I wanted to go first but I remember my mom always telling me how I should be nice to women and ladies and girls because they were special and she taught me how to say yes ma'am and no ma'am and thank you and please before we ever got to Texas.

I don't quite remember at what age it was the it I realized that my mom had divorced my dad or I should say my brother's real father has he was my adopted father but I do remember him sending a cassette player with a cassette in it but I never heard what was on the cassette and my mom gave me the cassette recorder, and the last time I saw him, he had come down and he took me Astroworld with my Aunt Linda. That was my first roller coaster ride and I remember that he didn't really ride any of the rides with me I ended up really riding the rides with my aunt I think he was scared of them so I really didn't spend much time with them because if you remember Astroworld back then or if you grew up in the Houston area Astroworld was a big theme part and you usually have to wait in line for about 45 minutes to an hour sometimes to ride a ride. Texas cyclone was one of the biggest wooden roller coasters in the world and we rode it one time and I think that was when I realized it I may be an adrenaline junkie although I didn't even know what a adrenaline was. As the older I got the more time I spent at AstroWorld. My mom dated a couple people briefly I remember we lived in apartment she worked a lot or so it seemed I was fortunate enough that I never had to go to a daycare or a nursery for very long as Nanny would let me hang out with her at her friend's house while she worked as a school crossing guard at the school I went to and so my mom will drop me off at before she went to work at Margie's and the were the sweetest old people I would drink tab soft drink after school while Margie's (ask Mom his name) would spend time with me I remember he made me a car out of a cardboard and toothpicks and he spray painted it silver for me. We cut it out together and we glued it and put it together and I was just glad that somebody was spending time with me. Before school I'd watch The Little Rascals and the Three Stooges and then I get halfway through Bugs Bunny and have to go off to school rinse and repeat and then I remember when my mom met what ended up meeting J.W. Bruce. The first time I met J.W., he brought over a pack of The Bionic Man trading cards. We were poor growing up so my mom would tell me that we couldn't afford that stuff because I always wanted the cards in the checkout lane.


From the Autobiography

BondServanT : No longer a slave but a ServanT of CHRIST - Free from the law of sin & death.

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.



After I was adopted the second time by J.W. Bruce my name was change from Mueller to Bruce as was my brothers last name. J.W. was a very hard and firm man and I know that is what I needed at the time because I was spiraling out of control but no child deserves to be beat or hit in the back of the head with a ring to the point that it leaves a knot on his head. As I recall one day laying in the floor watching Good Times or The Jefferson's I don't remember but I do remember J.W. walking into the room as I laid there and begin kicking me. Now please forgive me for what I'm about to say because I do not talk like this but I must say it exactly how it happened. He began yelling at me "no niggers in this house no niggers in this house" over and over as he kicked me. I had never experienced that form of hate I didn't understand it my mother didn't raise me that way and I couldn't see how she can marry such a man with that much hate it just didn't add up to me in my brain.

That hatred affected me in one way or another as I was growing up because during the third grade I had braces and I would ride the school bus home and there were these two brothers and they were both black but not that that had anything to do with this specific situation but I do believe that that begin to make an attempt to turn me into J.W. as I was riding the bus the two brothers would hit me in the mouth and make my mouth bleed and I remember coming home that day with my mouth bleeding and crying as I got off the bus and for some reason my dad was home because he was never home that early but I distinctly remember him telling me never to come home crying again or he was going to give me something to cry about. That next day I got on the bus and I beat both of those boys up I hit them before they knew what hit them and that began my rage that started to spiral out of control all the way throughout High School as I have the scars and the broken bones to prove it

That next day I got on the bus and I beat both of those boys up as I hit them before they knew what hit them and that began my rage that started to spiral out of control all the way throughout High School as I have the scars and the broken bones to prove it as many can testify on my behalf.


From the Autobiography

BondServanT : No longer a slave but a ServanT of CHRIST - Free from the law of sin & death.

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death....



As hard as J.W. was on us as children growing up he did have some very good qualities about him. He cared about me when he needed to but there were other times where he fell quite a bit short. During the fourth grade I joined Cub Scouts. It was the first year that I was introduced to the Pinewood Derby.
I remember bringing home the block of wood and looking forward to getting to build the car with my J.W. He asked me to pick out a car out of my Matchbox cars collection that we would use to design. So I picked out a Formula One Dragster and little did I know that I was going to wake up the next day to a finished car. He did a very nice job on it as he was very skilled at wood working. But I do remember being upset because I wanted to help and he had done all the work. I was not allowed to really express the fact that I was upset because I wanted him to teach me.

By the time it came time to race the car everyone that knows about dragster knows that they have narrow wheel spacing in the front. He made it just like the Matchbox car that I gave him but if you know anything about Pinewood Derby racing the center track width is a certain width and as usual we didn't read the rule book except for info the weight of the car and if we could use graphite. So we didn't know but the width of the front wheels were too narrow to fit on the outside of the track. I was already upset because I didn't get to do any of the work and because now we had to make a modification just to get it to actually race. We had to race it backwards down the track so in order to get it to run backwards down the track he had to shave off part of the back side that would be like underneath the trunk or behind the wheels so that the front wheels could ride on top of the track and the rear wheels basically steered it down the track and of course that slow the car down as we also lost a little bit of the weight.
We didn't win any races which made me even more upset as I directed more & more of my disdain towards him for not letting me help as if it this was his entire fault. I didn’t read the rules either. We did win second place in the beauty contest but if you know anything about racing it's not about how the car looks it's about whether or not it wins the race as I was so ungrateful and I was I could tell that his patience was wearing thin on me but I knew he would not act in public the way he often acted at home.
The way I acted may have something to do with the reason why he chose not to go to the Boy Scout camp during Father’s Day weekend with me a few months later as I ended up going with my friend Norman and his father. I was the only child there without a father there but I didn't let it bother me as I had a very good weekend despite what happened next.

The camp we went to was called Camp Mohawk which ironically I later moved into the same subdivision that the Park shared with the subdivision. We got there Friday night and we were supposed to leave Sunday morning. Saturday night after the bonfire I recall walking around the camp I got a knot in my shoe and as I was walking around with one shoe off trying to find somebody with a flashlight I stepped on what I though was a stick but later that night after midnight sometime my foot began to swell up. It swelled up about the size of a football and I'm not exaggerating. They took me to the hospital and determined that I was probably bitten by copperhead snake because they were indigenous to the area and I was having symptoms of being bit by copperhead. They gave me some shots and I stayed in the hospital for a couple days and I remember it made me sick & nauseous and I was throwing up and diarrhea. By the time I went to school the next week all my classmates had made me cards and it felt kind cool I was the kid that got snake bit and lived.

Flash forward about 3 years. It was on Thanksgiving Day I don't remember the year right now.( I'll put all that together as I go through and edit this because right now this is voice to text.) J.W. bought me a BB gun and I don't remember the reason why he bought me the BB gun because I normally didn't get gifts unless it was my birthday or Christmas and in most cases since my birthday was 3 days before Christmas I usually got one gift. As they would say here's your birthday and your Christmas gift. I don't remember why I got the BB gun but I remember I was out hunting on my Uncle Bill & Aunt Connie's Ranch (The Bruce Ranch) in Three Rivers, Texas and as I was walking along the barbed wire fence line around a bunch of brush and those big giant thorn bristles and I heard something weird as I thought those thorn bristles snag me on my on my leg around my ankle and I didn't think anything of it until I heard something weird and I look down and I saw the biggest snake that I've ever seen in my life.

I immediately screamed I threw my BB gun at the snake, now mind you the last thing you should do is run when you've been bit by snake because it increases your heart rate which delivers the poison through your bloodstream faster but me and my stupidity I screamed and I ran down the path towards Uncle Bill’s house on the hill. About halfway there and I remembered my BB gun and so I ran back and got my BB gun and then took off running screaming again and by this time I could hear and see J.W. Now mind you he hadn't been out of his casts too long from the “Great Fall & the Day Elvis Presley died". He walked with a limp for the rest of his life. I remember seeing him running and I could see the pain in his face as he was running towards me because he hadn't been out of his casts for very long. I collapsed on the dirt road in a sense of peace and comfort came out of me seeing him run as fast as he could to come deliver me. He swooped me up in his arms and ran as fast as he could towards the rest of the way towards the house. I recall seeing the look on my mom's face and she cried as my dad was telling her where we were going. My mom had that panic and devastated look on her face like she knew something that I didn't.

My Uncle Bill pulled up in his car as they tied a belt around my thigh and we sped off into town to the doctor's office. The doctor couldn't do anything as he told us to go ahead to the hospital the hospital if I remember correctly it was about 75 miles away. I just remember the sound of the car speeding as fast as he could drive it what the air conditioner up as high as they could get it. I could hear them talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I could tell by the way they were talking that they were very concerned about me. That was the first time I recall ever thinking about death. The drive seemed like forever as I was shivering because I hated to be cold. Back then I used to sleep with this quilt that my grandma Bruce made me for Christmas one year even during the summer.

The next thing I remember is arriving at the hospital and then being strapped to the table. The Doctor used a scalpel that was connected to a tube that kind of like a mini vacuum cleaner as the doctor carved out two giant plugs out of my ankle. All I remember is screaming at the top of my lungs for what seemed like an eternity. The doctor said that the only reason why I didn't die was because the snake had been in hibernation for a while. The venom wasn’t as potent due to hibernation. It was a warm Thanksgiving that year and the snake was probably out looking for food.

While I was in the hospital they told me that they had caught the snake and killed. Based on the width of the fang marks it was about a six foot Diamondback Rattler which explain the little weird noise I heard that I described to the doctor it sounded like blood slurping. That same evening my Uncle Bill ended up killing a six foot Diamondback rattler in the same area where I was bit. I remember spending a couple of weeks laid up with my mom micromanaging my bite marks with Epsom salt an antibiotic so that it didn't get infected.
To be honest, I couldn't wait to get back to school because I always felt like an outcast except for the time I got bit by the copperhead and that wore off in a couple weeks. I couldn't wait to get back to school as the kid that had gotten bit twice by a snake and lived to tell about it.
By the way, The following year in Cub Scouts, I won 1st place in racing with probably the ugliest car as I built it all by myself. J.W. was definitely a master craftsman.



From the Autobiography

BondServanT : No longer a slave but a ServanT of CHRIST - Free from the law of sin & death.

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death....

BondServanT - CHAPTER VII -  Austin 3:16 (ROUGH DRAFT)

I knew God was real because I experienced Him in the 3rd grade and was baptized soon after. As part of my testimony I tell people that I was baptized at the age of 13 and I was a drug addict before I was 14. I was set free and delivered at the age of 19 as a man named Miles Hackley came into my life and showed me Jesus in him.

I remember reading the Bible that my mom and I picked out before I left to go to the hospital. I had three goals when I left to go to the hospital's one was to get off of drugs as I was headed towards either death or prison. In my ignorance, I wasn't ready to give up alcohol only drugs because alcohol was legal.

My second goal was to find God. In my ignorance is I search and search the scriptures and prayed and prayed I did not find God.  My third goal was to get in shape as I I was starting to feel the toll that the drugs were having on my body.

We would often stay up for several days. Once I got to the hospital it was hard for me to convert to they're sleeping patterns and hours because I was used to staying up all night even during school. As I said before I was out of my own before I was 17 and I still went to school even though I was there physically I wasn't there mentally.

I would stay up late reading the Bible or attempting to read the Bible and the only thing that I really enjoyed reading was the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelations. The Book of Daniel I believe because it had a lot of my favorites Sunday school lessons that I remembered and I think the reason why I remember them the most over the other ones is because those are the ones that were the most fascinating to me. It was probably the only time that I ever behaved in Sunday school as I was a hard case. But I do remember during Sunday school that I would ask questions about things and I did not like the answers that I was being given like for example what was speaking in tongues? What did that mean? I was never satisfied with any answer I ever got while I attended church as a youth. I knew in my heart there was something more to it and I would appreciate it if they would have just told me I don't know instead of whatever answer they tried to pacify me with.

As I stayed up late nights and try to get up early to attend the meetings in the sessions that I was required to attend while in the hospital, I started to not just pray but beg God to please put somebody in my life that could help shed light on the words I was reading in the Bible because it was Greek to me and made absolutely no sense.

One day during my 2nd week of my 30-day visit, as I was sitting at a table in the main room of the facility at Austin State Hospital was the day my prayers were answered. I had my Bible there at the table but I recall that I got frustrated and just quit reading and began to work on a drawing that I had been working on which later in life part of the drawing became a cover up tattoo. In walks a man carrying a Bible and delivers it to one of the patients. I watch them sit and talk for a while and then I watched him pray with that young man.

As he got up to leave I seized my opportunity to ask him if he could help me understand the Bible. I remember the feeling of almost as if I was being brushed off as he spent a few minutes with me and asked me some questions and told me to read the book of John and that he would be back. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever see him again because maybe I thought that the patient had ordered a Bible and he was just delivering it I don't remember really what I thought I just know that I thought I would probably never see this man again and he gave me a pacifying answer to read the book of John. I do remember he prayed with me. I don't really remember what he said but I do remember wondering if his prayer was centered around quoting Bible scriptures at me.

It almost seemed like I had a war going on within my mind of whether or not I should believe what Miles had told me or even trust that he would be back in a couple of days as he said. I took his advice and I started to read the book of John it was at that point the Bible came to life to me. It was as if my eyes have been opened and I began to see who Jesus really was.

Hindsight, I look back and I see that I didn't find God, He found me. He opened my eyes and allowed me to see Him. He revealed Himself to me.

Miles came back several times over my course of the remaining three weeks I had during the month of April 1989 at Austin State Hospital. But there's one day this stuck out and although I can't remember the exact day but I'll never forget what happened on that day. Miles took one of my hands in his hand and put his other hand on my shoulder. I don't remember what he said but he asked me to repeat after him that I know I welcomed Jesus into my life and asked the Holy Spirit to come on and into me. I feel a tremendous weight lifted off as if I could breathe again as if I a new lease on life and another chance. I felt the peace of God. I felt His love. I felt His forgiveness. I felt His presence. My life was forever changes as I was set free and delivered from the law of sin and death. I was set free from drugs and the racial hatred that tried to get passed down to me through my stepfather JW. I cried uncontrollably for what seemed like a while as Miles just held me and let me cry into his shoulder.

At the time, I did not know what a lot of that meant it over the course of the years God has shown me how He is had his hand on me this entire time. He has never left me nor has He forsaken me. You cannot experience the height of the mountain tops until you've gone through the valleys to get there.



From the Autobiography

BondServanT : No longer a slave but a ServanT of CHRIST - Free from the law of sin & death.

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death....



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